Vulnerable Narcissist

  • Self-absorbed, entitled, exploitative, unempathetic, manipulative, and aggressive. 
  • Unlike grandiose narcissists who have an air of confidence to cover up their true feelings, a vulnerable narcissist recognizes that he or she is insecure and unhappy with their life. 
  • They experience more shame, hypersensitivity, and anxiety, and they tend to project these things onto other people. 
  • They are distrustful, avoidant, and anxious in relationships. They withdraw from others with resentment and blame.


Troubles with a Vulnerable Narcissist

  • This is the most likely type to project his own insecurities onto you (for example, always accuse you of infidelity.) 
  • They are especially sensitive to being called out on their bad behaviors. 
  • They will avoid documenting anything that you could use to expose them for who they really are. 
  • They also lie and are not above manipulating the system.

  • Document EVERYTHING! There is an art to keeping and preserving proper documentation that will help you in court.
  • The narcissist wants to trigger you to make you look crazy, and then use your "craziness" against you in court.
  • Identify your triggers so you can learn to not respond and give the narcissist his supply.
  • Be brutally honest. Narcissists hate honesty, but it's time to stop protecting their alter ego.
  • Set boundaries, and stick to them no matter what.
  • The narcissist will never be accountable for his actions. So you need to establish automatic accountability to the courts in your parenting plan.
  • Reduce communication as much as possible. This can also be done prospectively in the paperwork.
  • For the times that you do need to communicate, create an atmosphere with complete transparency. If the narcissist knows that other eyes and ears have access to your communications, he will be less likely to engage in his usual aggressive bullying tactics.


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