About Rebekah L. Rini, Esq.

You will not find another divorce coach with the breadth and experience held by Rebekah Rini.  Rebekah is a native Floridian who grew up in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Rebekah attended the University of Florida where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with Honors, and a minor in Sociology. 

After college, Rebekah attended Stetson University College of Law, where she earned her Juris Doctor degree with honors.

Rebekah passed the bar on her first attempts, and thereafter jumped immediately into civil rights litigation.  During her time litigating civil rights matters, several clients reached out needing a family law attorney.  With the support of her then-firm, Rebekah began representing clients in divorce and custody disputes.  

In fact, Rebekah’s very first family law client was a woman who was a long-time victim of domestic abuse.  The client’s husband worked in law enforcement and was abusing drugs.  Rebekah didn’t back down from this highly complex and sensitive matter, and litigated it through conclusion, all while helping her client escape from the violent home, establishing protective orders to keep her client safe, arranging for her client’s support during the pendency of the divorce.  The result of the divorce was outstanding, and Rebekah was hooked.  During that divorce, Rebekah went up against one of the best family law litigators in Southern Nevada, who is now one of the most well-respected judges on the family court bench.  While the litigation was extremely contentious, Rebekah and her former opposing counsel are now friends, and Rebekah even consulted with her for her own divorce.

Thus began Rebekah’s family law practice, which continued for the next thirteen years.  Thousands of clients later, Rebekah decided to write a book helping her clients gain a perspective of the family court process as well as gain an understanding of basic concepts.  The book is still published and selling on Amazon.

Throughout this time, Rebekah was married and had two children.  Despite her professional advancement, her personal life was deteriorating as she believed she was married to a narcissist who had complete control over her and the children.  It took Rebekah three times to file for divorce before she went through with it, and is so much the better for it.

Rebekah now co-parents with her ex-husband, and even though she went into her divorce with much more knowledge and experience than the average layperson, there were things she couldn’t have anticipated that she would now do differently.  Rebekah uses this knowledge to help people anticipate problems that will arise in the future, and plan for them now to neutralize the narcissist’s ability to control and manipulate.

In addition, Rebekah has been appointed as an Arbitrator with the Eighth Judicial District Court.  An Arbitrator is a judge who presides over certain types of cases with a value of under $50,000.  

Rebekah has also performed countless mediations for family law and other civil matters.  A mediator is a neutral third party who helps people come to a resolution on all or some matters in a divorce or custody dispute.  Click here to read more about how mediation could save you money, keep you out of court, and give you a significant advantage over the narcissist in negotiating.

Rebekah also acts as a parenting coordinator for high-conflict divorces.  If you can imagine a problem in a co-parenting relationship, Rebekah has seen it and helped the participants get to the other side of the dispute.  She can therefore anticipate things that you could never imagine, and help you protect against the same.

Rebekah is a certified life coach which she uses to help women make it through divorce and custody disputes and engage in the life they’ve always wanted to live afterward.  Rebekah’s approach is goal-driven and results-driven.  In other words, Rebekah’s coaching programs are not a place for commissary or wallowing.  It is a place to identify the biggest challenges and goals, and using Rebekah’s expertise and years of experience to map out a clear plan to get there.  Rebekah can help you decipher and understand the divorce process, help you understand where your energy should be spent, and help you effortlessly walk into a life after divorce.  

Rebekah’s theory is to put in the work now to save yourself for later.  Don’t trade today’s problems for different problems down the line.  Rebekah’s courses are by no means cheap, and that is because they are so incredibly valuable.  Rebekah’s mission is to help you invest in yourself now, so that you don’t have to squander money fixing problems later.

It is the narcissist’s dream to keep you small even after your divorce by never reaching a common ground with you, and forcing you in and out of court for years and even decades.  Narcissist’s thrive on the drama, and will never run out of steam.  When you carefully plan for anticipated future issues, you eliminate the need to go to court.  Rebekah’s thousands of clients have provided invaluable insight into what works and what doesn’t.  

With this in mind, not every contingency can be expected or planned.  Pandemic-induced school closures forced a lot of co-parents to come to the table and decide things that they could have never anticipated.  As there will always be unforeseen future challenges, Rebekah can help you develop a dispute resolution plan that will, again, be logical, strategic, and impossible for the narcissist to use to as a method to control and manipulate you.

Going through a divorce is tough.  But being divorced when you can leave the problems in the past is amazing.  Rebekah loves her job, her clients, and gains immense satisfaction by helping women grow and thrive after years or even decades of narcissist abuse.  

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 Reach out to Rebekah directly for any questions, or to see how Rebekah can help you.  support@esquiredivorcecoach.com