Why it is IMPERATIVE to be Unemotional in Family Court

One of the biggest injustices that happens in a family court setting is when the narcissist pushes your buttons so much that you react.  And then they use that reaction--that they caused--to paint you out to be unstable, mentally ill, and unfit to raise your children.

If you walk into court with a black eye, the judge can see evidence of your physical abuse.  Emotional abuse is just as real and just as damaging as physical abuse, but the only outward manifestation of it is that fact that you are broken down emotionally.  

Being the master manipulators that they are, narcissists can then use that broken down state against you.  No matter how hard you try to get the judge to understand, I can assure you that your chances are slim to none.

Why is that?  Because when two people come into court with two different stories, the judge will largely disregard both people unless there is reliable evidence.  Narcissists are masters at concealing their true selves and who they are so that there is not a spec of evidence proving who they are.

So unless you have concrete proof that the narcissist has "caused" you be be "unstable," that point will never, ever be received by the judge.  

Your job is to show up in court as calm and collected as you can be.  Display stability and composure to the judge regardless of what the narcissist has done to ignite your emotions.

Not only will this put you in good standing with the judge, but it will also let the narcissist know that you can't and won't be manipulated into "looking crazy" which will give you confidence for the next appearance.