How Narcissists Isolate You From External Support

If you're thinking about leaving a narcissistic relationship, you need support.  But when you stop to examine the pillars in your life, you may feel like you've burned some bridges.

Not only do narcissists try to weaken you internally, but they also try to undermine any external sources of support that you may have by isolating you from loved ones.  They emphasize your negative thoughts about friends and family.  No one is perfect and you should be safe to express struggles with loved ones without it being used as ammunition to disconnect you from your support system

By “removing” those in your sphere, you become more dependent on the narcissist.  And the narcissist will, in turn, make you become afraid of being alone, which completely traps you.  When you think about leaving the narcissist, you might feel like you have no one to go to for support. Mostly, the fear will exaggerate the feeling you’re alone

Reach out to friends and family members that you may have cut off.  Chances are, they have been witness to your struggles and isolation, but didn’t know how to help.  After all, when you were deeply involved, if someone spoke negatively of the narcissist, would you have been in the mind space to be receptive to that help?  Probably not. 

So many loved ones feel powerless and are waiting for you to open the door to their help and support.  Take the first step. 

Having said this, keep in mind that your friends and family might not be a source of good advice.  It’s hard for someone who has never experienced a relationship with a narcissist to understand why you’re having trouble “moving on” from such a bad situation.  They can’t wrap their heads around the abusive cycle that has kept you attached for so long. 

But reach out, and reconnect anyway.  They will be happy to provide you support in whatever capacity they can.  Form new bonds and connections with who understand the struggle.  Build your team!