How Divorce Coaches Can SAVE You Thousands!

Hiring a divorce coach is an investment in the truest sense of the word.  In fact, the word "investment" is defined as "the action or process of investing money for profit or material gain."  I can assure you that the money you invest in a divorce coach will pay off handsomely both financially and emotionally.  Here's how.

1. It helps you preserve your attorney retainer for necessary legal work.

Did you know that most attorneys bill at .1 increments?  One-tenth of an hour is 6 minutes.  This means that if a task takes them 1 minute, they bill for 6 minutes.  If a task take them 7 minutes, they bill for .2, or 12 minutes.  If you send three emails per week to your attorney with questions that can be fielded by your divorce coach, and your attorney charges $400 per hour, that is at least $240 that will be depleted from your retainer that week.  That translates to approximately $1,000 per month just to answer your questions.

You will have lots of questions throughout this process, and it's important that you are clear as to what is going on.  But if you go to your attorney every time you have a question, you can easily deplete your retainer without having anything to show for it.  Many divorce coaches, including myself, have texting packages that enable you, for a flat monthly fee, to ask any and all questions that you have.  And while some attorneys will text you, many will not.  If you're still in the house and need a discreet way to get quick advice, a divorce coach can provide that much easier than an attorney can.  

A divorce coach can also help you compartmentalize your communications with your attorney to maximize your retainer.  Building off of the last example, and considering those questions that do need to go to an attorney, if you send one email every two weeks that contains all of the questions (as opposed to sending an email every time a question pops up), you can dramatically reduce the fees you are paying.

Instead of paying $1,000 per month (or more) for limited interaction, I offer unlimited text messaging within office hours so no matter how simple or complex the question is, you can get immediate answers without having to think about the cost. 

Click here to read about my unlimited text messaging packages. 

2. It helps you get to the finish line much sooner.  

You wouldn't run a marathon without researching and training.  Why would you go into a heated emotional and legal battle without a strategy?  When you're facing a legal battle (especially with a narcissist), it is easy to be overwhelmed.  When you're overwhelmed, you are prone to making knee-jerk emotional reactions, rather than strategic decisions that are in the best interest of you and your family.  A divorce coach can help you make a plan going forward to help you stay grounded and focused on the goal.  It's very tempting to agree to whatever the narcissist wants to just be finished and avoid the negativity that they bring.  But this is misguided because it will leave the door open to fight a about things later.  

3.  It will keep you out of court after the divorce is finalized.

You can invest in getting it right now, or squander money fixing it later.  If the terms of your divorce or co-parenting agreement are not crystal clear, it means that they are open for interpretation.  When something is open for interpretation, it will lead to disputes.  A divorce coach can help you identify foreseeable problems, and help you craft ways to articulate terms so that there is nothing to be interpreted in the future.  Furthermore, there will always be disputes that no one can anticipate (hello, Covid).  But a divorce can help you develop a future dispute resolution process so that when disagreements do arise, you have a simple way of resolving them out of court, because any court battle is expensive.